Hopelessly Unlucky

18 year old fashion student from Scotland.


so i was taking a bath

a bubble bath to be specific

i used half a bar of lush’s comforter (however you fucking spell it) and this happened


crazy right? i think my mom’s tub is made of magic powers or something

so i had a nice bath, watched some cry plays on my ipad

and i drained my tub

i came down to my room, two floors down in the basement

and i am greeted with this



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Yesterday I saw a tweet that said “5SOS are the Green Day of our generation” and I had a good laugh. Green Day are the Green Day of our generation.

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Cramps are the fucking worst omg

It feels like a whole village of little angry people with pitch forks poking me in the ovaries

I try and draw things that are meaningful but I always end up with doodles of cats or lines from books or lyrics to my favourite songs. I used to get really annoyed at myself for it but then I realised that the things I draw do mean something. They mean something to me and that’s enough.

It’s the same with my writing. It helps me understand my feelings and put things in perspective but it’s also so much fun that I can’t seem to stop once I start! I’ve nearly filled a whole journal in the last week or so and I’m starting to worry that paperchase may be on the cards and that never ends well for my bank balance! Anyway wish me luck because life has become one hell of an amazing rollercoaster and I plan on writing most of it down.

BamBoo with the lads last night! Such a fab wee night in Glasgow! We are so so lucky to live so close to somewhere like Glasgow and I think I forget that too often. Oh gosh it was so much fun and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t even like clubs. I’m more of a bar and talk kinda person instead of a sit in silence or shout kinda person. Clubs are just too loud and too crowded and too hot and folk are too drunk and I honestly don’t know how anyone can be bothered with that! Especially if you then have work all day the next day. I sound like a middle aged woman but hey ho I’m embrassing it!

anyway wonderful night! 10/10!

Over and out!