Hopelessly Unlucky

18 year old fashion student from Scotland.

I guess you could say today has been eventful! I went to Ikea for furniture for the new house and we basically found a shit load of cute stuff that we are definitely going to get. I’m actually so happy we have finally started doing things to move. I know we cleared the farm out months ago but my grans house is now being cleared and all the junk that we had is gone. This is going to be a wonderful clean slate as long as the structural report comes back alright. If it doesn’t then I don’t know what we will do. Stressful!

I’ve had a wonderful night though at Erins ceilidh. I’ve only known her for a few months but she really is a lovely person and I know her friends and I will miss her loads while she is off having adventures in Africa! Good luck Erin!!

My brother had his championship race tonight that he’s been working months for and had a crash on the last corner as he was about to win the entire championship. He didn’t cross the line and went to A&E therefore he didn’t get the medal he has worked so hard for and he’s gutted. It’s such a shame because it’s typical. He works his ass off for something he loves and then due to circumstances he can’t control he loses it all! He couldn’t have stopped the other two boys falling right in front of him. He will get it next time though because he is a fantastic cyclist and he’s going to go far. I’m so super proud of him for even getting that close to winning considering loads of the boys fell off on the wet course, most of them didn’t nearly break their collar bone though and have to go to hospital and get an xray! Well done Stuart! You should be proud of yourself because your family and your whole team are! 😊


Robin Thicke - “Defined Lines”

A few students from my university created a Feminist critique of Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines through a pretty damn hilarious parody of the video. Hope you all enjoy :-)

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Deleted scene from The Fault in Our Stars

I am puking

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I’ve been trying my hand at song writing but so far I’ve only got random lines and a few words. I like the idea of creating my own music. Telling my story and showing my feelings. I like making up tunes as well, gosh I just love my guitar. It feels like it belongs in my arms now, feels like a part of me.

To start off with I only learned chords and I found them super easy, it was just about practicing them over and over. Now though I’ve moved onto tab and I guess you could say I’m finding that a hell of a lot more difficult. I’m sticking in there though, I don’t give up. To be honest I like the challenge. I like pushing myself to see how far I can go without fucking up and it’s fun!

I’ve got two Westfield guitars now, ones a 3/4 and ones a full size. I still like playing my original 3/4 though but I think that’s just because I haven’t really given my new one a chance or maybe it’s because my arms are too short and the smaller one is easier to play!

Anyway I’m building up the courage to add my recordings to my soundcloud but I don’t know if that will ever happen. I’m closer to doing it than I was a few months ago but still pretty far away. Maybe I’ll just do it one day out the blue and try and forget it’s there.

Let me tell you something, I just had a very serious conversation with my boyfriend about our future and the fact I probably won’t be anywhere near Scotland in the future. After university I want to go to Italy and Canada and Spain and Australia and Austria and Poland and Antarctica and so many more! I want to live life and have no money because I spent it all on plane fairs. I want to feel the sun on my face and the wind in my hair and I want to live like I don’t have a home to go back to. I want to be wild and free.